Have you missed anything? Checking your insurance quotes for the best options

Have you missed anything? Checking your insurance quotes for the best options

It pays to look around, everyone knows that. Just because you have held your policy for years with a particular insurance provider doesn’t mean that you’re not ready to see what else is available for your home and contents insurance or your current car insurance. The internet is a great place to start comparing prices and benefits for all of your asset insurance including new home insurance, landlord insurance for investment property holders, and anything else you should be protecting.

Comparing home insurance quotes and a car insurance quote across providers online is fast and easy but make sure you’re looking past just the highlights on the first page. If you’re not already familiar with your current policy and what you can claim for, pull it out about now and take a highlighter to it. What are the absolute necessities that must be covered for a new house insurance policy? Return to your online home insurance quote and make sure any new providers you’re entertaining cover the same, if not more, on their proposed policies.

Once you’ve had a chance to compare what you need for your house and home, it’s time to start looking at car insurance Australia and what your car really needs. Is it currently insured for market value or higher? Are you OK with that? What extras and additions does your current provider offer you? Could you be getting better value for money?

If you have had had your car updated with optional extras now is the time to check that they’re currently covered on your policy. Additions like a new stereo head unit with all the trimmings is the sort of thing people most commonly miss. If it doesn’t come as standard on your vehicle make and model, then it may not be covered.

If you do decide to move to another insurance provider, ensure that you’re aware of any waiting times that might apply before you can claim.

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